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How can I subscribe to Jawwy TV?


Jawwy TV is a paid video-streaming application which can be accessed on Apple iOS/Android mobile phones/tablets. You can subscribe through by simply entering your mobile number or email address, choosing a password, and selecting your desired payment method. Once subscribed, install the app from Apple App Store or Google Play and sign in to enjoy your favorite content on the go! You can now also subscribe to Jawwy TV within the applications by using Apple in-App Payment or Google Pay payment methods.

How much does the Jawwy TV monthly subscription cost?


After subscribing to Jawwy TV for the first time, you can enjoy a free trial period*. At the end of the trial period, you will be charged 10 SAR/3 BD/2.5 KWD/7.99 USD** unless you have cancelled the subscription.

*Free trial period may vary based on the selected promotion, plan, and payment method.

**The price may vary based on the selected promotional offers, country, Payment methods or VAT where applicable.

How can I unsubscribe?


As we support different payment methods, the cancelation process varies from one payment method to another.

  • STC Mobile Number - Please send a blank SMS to 800444 and follow the instructions provided in the SMS from STC to cancel your Jawwy TV service.
  • VIVA Kuwait Mobile Number - Please send U 1 by SMS to the shortcode 50644.
  • VIVA Bahrain Mobile Number - Please send U 1 to the shortcode 98875.
  • Credit Card – Please visit, sign in and cancel your subscription.
  • Apple In-App Payment – You can cancel your subscription through your iTunes account settings.
  • Google Pay – You can cancel your subscription through your Google account settings.

How to contact us?


If you have any questions or require assistance with Jawwy TV, you can always reach us through the online chat support on or email us at and we will respond to you in the shortest time possible during business days from morning until 11:00 PM - Local Saudi Arabia time.